The production of socks typically involves several steps. Here’s a simplified overview in below, that can help you to understand well for the process:

  1. Design: Sock designers create patterns, colors, and styles for the socks.
  2. Yarn selection: Yarns with different materials, weights, and colors are chosen.normally are cotton, polyester, nylon, bamboo and other raw materials
  3. Knitting: Sock machines knit the yarns into a sock shape. Different machines and techniques are used depending on the desired design, including plain, ribbed, terry sole or patterned socks.
  4. Stitching: Toe and heel areas are stitched, reinforcing those areas for better durability.
  5. Boarding: Socks are stretched and shaped using machines to ensure consistent size and appearance.
  6. Inspection: Socks are examined for quality, with any defects addressed or rejected.
  7. Packaging: Socks are sorted, paired, and packaged for distribution to stores or customers.
  8. Shipping: Socks are loading on the car to the port, and ship by sea to the destination port

It’s important to note that specific details of socks production can vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of sock being produced.

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